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TerraVest Global Land Investments concentrates on the early stages of land development in key urban growth corridors. With a special focus on demographic assessment and trend analysis, we specialize in the development of adult lifestyle and retirement communities.

Our unique business model offers stakeholders a different way to invest: short-term investment in individual properties that are already under contract with to a home builder, for a secure and lucrative investment. The very nature of our business allows us to turn a quick profit and offer a guaranteed yield on a choice of investment term options.

Equity ownership in TerraVest is an affordable way to invest in a dynamic, growing company and to diversify your portfolio with an alternate capital destination.

Targeted investment in our operations not only offers the potential for attractive returns, but also the prospect of stimulating the economy through new business and job creation. We are looking for engaged investors to help us build communities worldwide.

Invest in the Future. Invest in TerraVest.

To invest in TerraVest, please complete the form below.

To invest in TerraVest, please complete the form below.

Anna Billingsley - USA

” I was looking for a stable, but interesting way to diversify my portfolio. I had always wanted to get into real estate but had never come across the right opportunity. But then TerraVest offered me a new way to invest and let me tell you, it’s been great. The fact that I was investing in land that’s already under contract with a home builder made me feel very secure about my investment. ”

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