TerraVest Global Land Investments

TerraVest Global Land Investments concentrates on the early stages of land development in key global growth corridors

Earn a fixed return of 6%, 8%, 10% or 12%

Why invest with TerraVest Global Land Investments?

TerraVest offers an unconventional way to increase your wealth: short-term real estate investment with a guaranteed yield. Here’s why it works:

  • Safe and secure
    TerraVest’s short-term, land-based investments provide the security of a hard asset with a stable return.
  • Fixed ROI
    TerraVest offers a guaranteed yield of 6%, 8%, 10% or 12%.
  • Exit at any time
    You may withdraw your investment at any time, without a redemption fee.
  • Easy investment
    TerraVest takes care of everything, from strategic land acquisition to economic development opportunity analysis.

You invest, TerraVest does the rest.

Find out why TerraVest is a secure and profitable investment

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Are your investments paying off?

Building wealth doesn’t happen overnight: it takes a long-term investment strategy and a diverse portfolio. While the stock market and a pension are considered a bedrock of sound investment planning, it is recommended that a portion of any portfolio include hard assets, such as real estate. TerraVest offers a new, secure way to boost your financial assets and build true wealth.

stock Exchange

stock Exchange Unstable market


Pension Small, but steady and profitable return


Terravest TerraVest is a simple, rewarding solution that offers stability to a diversified portfolio 6%, 8%, 10% or 12 %

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Anna Billingsley - USA

” I was looking for a stable, but interesting way to diversify my portfolio. I had always wanted to get into real estate but had never come across the right opportunity. But then TerraVest offered me a new way to invest and let me tell you, it’s been great. The fact that I was investing in land that’s already under contract with a home builder made me feel very secure about my investment. ”

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